Sunday, August 9, 2009

Clapping & 15 months old

Nathan has finally started to clap! He seems to like taking his time to do some milestones. One day he just started clapping and now he doesn't like to stop! I think that clapping was the last big milestone I was waiting for him to do.

Nathan turned 15 months old and since our Doctor is going out on maternity leave we went and saw her at 15 months instead of at 18 months for Nathan. Nathan weighs 24 lbs 5 oz (50%), he is 30 " tall (25%) and his head is in the 12th percentile, but it really doesn't look that small and I can't imagine what a 100th percentile head looks like, yikes! Everything else was looking good and his next appointment will be at two years.

Nathan still isn't talking much, but he does communicate a lot in signs. His newest sign is for "flag." Whenever he sees a flag he opens and closes his hand. He also knows more parts of his body. He understands a lot, which is really amazing. He is still walking like crazy and is getting faster all of the time. His new adventure is to get into our garbage and recycling cans and take stuff out. We are trying to decide what we can buy to prevent him from doing this! Lastly, his hair is getting really long and I think that we will soon have to give him a haircut so that we can get the hair out of his eyes :)

Christopher and I are currently back into running and exercising. We are both running "barefoot." We got these five fingered shoes that are supposed to mimic your natural foot, but with a little protection. I run in the shoes all of the time, but Christopher will run completely barefoot a lot of the time. The book that inspired us to get into running again was Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. If you want to check out the shoes you can go to

This year I finally got around to planting my garden. I did it in containers because most of my backyard is cement and I have to say that this year was a big flop! My backyard gets way too hot during the summer and it has killed off most of my plants. I did get one cucumber and one zucchini though. Next year I will have to move my plants into a more shaded area or build some shade for my plants...I really thought that plants LOVED the sun, but I guess that they don't love it that much :)

I think that is it for us!