Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bellies, Sickness, Roosters, and other things

Let's start out with the first topic of Bellies! I had thought that since this is my last pregnancy I wanted to do some stuff that I didn't do the first time around. I thought that having my belly painted would be fun and the one person I would want to do it would be Amber. Amber is a good friend of mine from when we were little who is really artistic and very talented! She is also a great face painter and I figured that she would come up with some cool design to do. She came over on a Sunday and painted my big belly! She did an AMAZING job and I was very happy with the results and it was nice catching up with her. Below are some of the pictures from that day.

I also got some maternity photos taken by my friend Ashley. She took some great shots that I was really happy about. Her company is Love Always Photography and her website is You can go to her Facebook page and see some of the pictures.

Next topic: Sickness :(!
I had been feeling like I was catching a cold, but with some Emergen-C I was able to hold the cold off...or at least I thought so. I ended up getting sick, but it was my first cold of the year! Not too bad and it was tolerable for me. The unfortunate one was Nathan. He had a fever for about four days that would not break! We were keeping him dosed up on Tylenol and Motrin, keeping his clothes off, and making sure that he wasn't doing anything to make himself more hot. We were completely puzzled by this fever because he was acting normal and eating, drinking, peeing, and pooping normally. His temperature at some points would go up to 104 and I was very nervous of him having another febrile seizure; luckily, that did not happen! After four days his fever finally broke and then he got a rash on his back, chest, neck, and face (see the pictures below). We did some research and talked to our Pediatrician and Nathan had Roseola. Not sure where he got it from, but all of the symptoms were exactly what he had. During this whole week Nathan was the grumpiest I have ever seen him! He was not a joy to be around and both Christopher and I were really hoping that this wasn't a new aspect of his personality! Thank goodness he has started to be less grumpy and return to his normal self because I don't think that I could handle a grumpy Nathan with a new baby!

This doesn't have to do with being sick, but Christopher made Nathan his very own big-boy fort bed! He got the idea from Knock-Off Wood and made it all himself for about half the price that Ikea sells it for! Nathan loves his new bed and likes to go and just hang out in it...oh, I forgot to mention that our "boarder" Amber moved out and we finally moved Nathan into his own room! He really likes having his own room and so do we! We have some other plans of what we want to make and do for Nathan's room and hopefully some of them will get done before baby #2 comes!

About 15 weeks ago I had ordered 8 female baby chicks. I paid a little extra to have them sexed and was told that there was a 90% guarantee that they would be sexed correctly. Out of the eight chicks I gave three to my friend Rhonda and then we kept the other five. Rhonda discovered that she had a rooster when it was about 10-11 weeks old. Her chicken started crowing and there was no mistaking that it was a rooster. We felt bad and were glad that we didn't have a rooster...Fast forward a few weeks and I notice that one of our hens is looking very rooster like. She has a big comb and waddle that is bright red, the shape of her feathers are starting to look like roosters' feathers, and she is much bigger than the other chickens. I am not a chicken sexing expert so I was doing a lot of searching on the internet to see if it could be a rooster. I was about 80% sure that we had a rooster, but I was still holding out hope that we just had a masculine hen. Then about a week ago our "hen" started crowing and we knew for sure that we had a rooster :(. The crowing continued every day and it would start at about 6:30 in the morning. The rooster was also getting better at crowing (louder and longer). We knew that we had to get rid of him fast! We placed an ad on Craigslist and called around to see if anyone could take a rooster and we didn't get any good news. We looked into having him butchered, but it looked like we would have to do that ourselves, which we didn't want to do. Finally, on our very last attempt we called a feed store and they said that they couldn't take him, but to try their sister store. We called them and they could take him!!!! Christopher took our dear Shadow to the store, where hopefully he will have a nice new home soon! Now we just have to wait 3-5 more weeks to get some eggs and hope that no other hen turns out to be a rooster!

Lastly, I wrote the above post awhile back, but it took me a little bit longer than I expected to upload some photos, so more has happened since then.

Nathan and Christopher went to "Indianana" for a wedding. That is how Nathan pronounces it. They were gone for four days and although I missed them it was so nice to have that time off and to myself! They had a ton of fun and got to see family that they haven't seen in a really long time.

I am 10 days away from my due date and I am thinking that I will be having the baby around my due date. I have everything ready to go for the birth and now it is just the wait, which I don't mind! Christopher and I have not agreed on any names and I have a feeling that this baby will be called Baby Aedo for at least a couple of days. If you have not done our baby pool you should! It closes this Wednesday. Go to Our Baby Pool and put in your guess!

That is about it for now. The next post should be the introduction of our newest family member :)


Saturday, September 11, 2010

New Look

Can you believe that I have done about three new posts in a week! I am on top of it :) I just wanted to let everyone know that I changed up the look of our blog and that you are at the right blog! Don't forget to do our baby pool!
Here is the link:


P.S. Nathan got his hair cut today and did such a great job! He is one very cute, good, and happy child!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Baby Pool

We decided that we would start a baby pool and have our friends and family try and guess the details of baby #2! We don't have a "prize" for the winner, but I was thinking that they would get the honor of naming our baby since we have no names! Just kidding! Perhaps, if you are the winner you will be the first one notified of the birth and the details.

Here is the link:

Happy Guessing!


Sunday, September 5, 2010

This Baby Is A Mover!

This time around I decided that I would talk about baby #2 first and leave Nathan for the second half. I really don't know how the time gets away from me, but it does. I am almost 34 weeks, which means only 6 weeks until my due date!!!!!! We are not close to being ready for the baby, but luckily we have most everything from Nathan and we just have to clean some stuff up. We still don't know the sex, but I recently went to a chiropractor for some pelvic pain I have been having and she predicted by my pulse that I would be having a boy. We shall see! For those that don't know or forgot, I am having a home birth and I have started to prepare for that. I took some childbirth classes that focused on natural childbirth and I started a hypnosis program that will also hopefully help me during labor and delivery. I have started to get all of the supplies ready that I need. By 36 weeks (2 more weeks) I need to have everything ready including the "pool" that I am going to deliver in. I am excited about the baby, but still wouldn't mind a couple extra months preparation :)!

This baby is quite the mover! He/she moves around so much and much more than Nathan ever did. Of course, food makes it move around a ton but it just seems to move around a lot. I do enjoy the feeling of the baby moving around inside my belly and there are only a few times when the baby completely stretches out and it is uncomfortable for me. I don't know if it means that this baby will be a super active baby once they are born. I took some video of the baby moving in my belly one night after dinner and all of these movements are pretty common!

Lastly, At week 32 I reached my pre-pregnancy weight!!! That was very exciting to know that at 32 weeks pregnant I weighed the same as 1 week pregnant with Nathan. I definitely feel much better this time around and a lot of people say that I look great. I have also been told that I look small for 7.5 months pregnant, but my belly is measuring on target and is just a tad smaller than what it was with Nathan.

Now onto the cutest member of our family....NATHAN!

Well, here are some swim pictures that I promised I would blog about, but I didn't.

This is Nathan swimming in his summer clothes for lessons. He wanted to wear his sunglasses! I also didn't realize that he needed his swim diaper on too (he was wearing a regular diaper) so I had to put it on over his clothes. Also, Crocs are great shoes to help you float!

Here is Nathan swimming in his winter clothes. This was much harder to do!

Nathan on graduation day! He was swimming from his teacher Jessica to Christopher.

After swim lessons Nathan decided that he didn't really want to swim in our pool, only in Jessica's pool. So, he mostly plays on the steps in our pool and occasionally we can get him to swim to us or the steps of the pool! I really thought that he would be a little fish because he did so well with Jessica...maybe he doesn't trust us enough :)!

Nathan and I took a summer class and that was a lot of fun. In about a week we start back up with our Waldorf class and our other class and I am really looking forward to that!

We went up to my parent's house for a week and we had a ton of fun. Nathan's favorite thing to do was play with Papa's sprinklers. He could spend hours and hours playing with them (he liked jumping on the hose to the sprinklers to get water out). He seemed to have a fun time there and we really enjoyed the break. We didn't know it, but we planned it out perfectly because the week that we left ended up being the hottest week in LA this summer! Here are some pictures.

Nathan with frosting all over his face. This is from his cousin Joseph's first birthday party.

Here is Joseph, Deziree, and a little view of my brother

Nathan playing with the sprinklers!

When we have to cross the street or need to hold Nathan's hand he immediately puts his hands in his pocket so that we can't hold his hand. It is pretty funny.

Here is Nathan sniffing a log because Lucy was sniffing it!

Here is Christopher and Nathan on a hike up in Graeagle

Here is Nathan helping his Nana water the plants

Nathan, Papa, and me waiting for a train to come by

Christopher's sister Karen and her daughter Natalie were just here for the week and it was SOOOO nice having them here. They kept Nathan entertained most of the time and I got a lot of free time, which I loved. We were sad to see them go, but they will be back soon after the baby is born. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures right now of that trip :(.

Lastly, my veggie plants are dying off and I am happy about it! I was getting way too much squash and I am glad that the plants are at the end of their life. I got some green beans, some canteloupe, and three big pumpkins and two little ones, and some tomatoes. Our chickens are doing great! They are almost full grown, but still have about two months until they start laying eggs. We let them roam outside a lot and Lucy does great with them, which is great for us!

I hope to do another blog post or two before the baby comes, but we shall see!