Wednesday, April 14, 2010


We are expecting baby #2! My due date is 10/20/10, but Christopher is hoping that I deliver the baby on 10/10/10 :). I am just a few days shy of being done with my first trimester!!!! I forgot how much the first trimester sucks! I was feeling sick all of the time, but luckily no throwing-up and I am soooo tired all of the time. This time around I told Christopher that I didn't want to find out the sex of the baby. I want to experience the surprise of finding out the sex at birth since I am pretty sure this is our last kid. I am already dying to know what I will be having and hope that I can hold out until birth time!

The picture of the ultrasound was done at 10 weeks and everything looked great. When we were having the ultrasound done Nathan was with us and he would point to the screen and say "monkey." The other night I asked him if he wanted a brother or a sister and he didn't answer me so I asked him, "Do you want a monkey?" He said, "Monkey!" I think that he would prefer to have a monkey over a baby, but I am hoping that there is not a monkey growing in me :)!

That is the big news for now! Nathan is turning two in 1 1/2 weeks and I can't believe it! He is really funny these days. He still is in the parrot stage and repeats everything you say. He is putting three and four word sentences together, which is great. His pronunciation is really good. He has not figured out how to answer questions though. When you ask him something he just repeats the last couple of words in your question. His Aunt Sandra taught him how to say "Cowabunga and Yowza" which are hilarious to hear him say.

Here are some recent Nathan pictures.

Nathan and Christopher bike riding. That is an iBert that Nathan is in.

Nathan eating a homemade waffle.

Nathan hunting Easter eggs. I made that chicken basket :)

Whenever Nathan is wearing a button shirt he has to always unbutton it. The girls seem to love it :)

Whenever we go on walks and Nathan sees a dandelion he says, "Pick one!" We pick it and give it to him and then he blows on it. I am sure that our neighbors are not happy about us spreading the seeds everywhere :)

This picture is just really cute!

Lastly, here is one more picture of our ultrasound. Here baby Aedo is stretching.