Sunday, December 28, 2014


Aunt Karen and Aunt Sandra came to visit us (our first guests!).  While they were here we checked out this park near our house and it is super cool!  It reminds me of a rainforest.

Anderson turned four!!

Here is his four year birthday interview

We went to a farm for Halloween and the boys (Christopher included) went in a corn maze & the boys played on the tractors.

The boys carved their pumpkins for Halloween.

We left for Europe at the end of October, but Europe will have it's own blog post next!


We moved into our new house, but most everything had to stay packed up for a few weeks while they finished the flooring throughout most of the house.

The boys started first grade and preschool (we are homeschooling)

We went to our local park and Nathan found five four leaf clovers and one five leaf clover!  That kid is pretty lucky when finding clovers with more than three leaves!

The flooring was finished being put in!!!

The boys like to help with the garbage and are very excited on Thursday when the garbage trucks come.

The boys begged for some costumes at Costco, so we got them one each.

Anderson sometimes falls asleep in the most uncomfortable looking places.

Nathan learning how to roll yarn into a ball and then finger crochet & knit for school.

The boys and I went to an apple orchard with the new MOMS Club group I joined.

We participated in Lego day at the library (they have it once a month)

Christopher made this bed for our guest bedroom!

Friday, December 19, 2014


Here was our August.

The boys enjoyed their time with Nana

We finally closed on our house!  Christopher moved up first with his Jeep & a trailer of our stuff.  He was going to be up there to unload our pods and be there when they put in the new wood flooring.

He stayed at the Kennedy School, which is this really cool refurbished elementary school that now houses a motel, theater, restaurants, bars, & a brewery!

We celebrated Railroad Days in Portola.  Here the boys are watching the Lucky Duck race.

We went to the Mill Pond because it looked cool in the fog and Nathan found a four leafed clover

That really does have 4 leaves, although it is hard to tell.
Our new house has deer that come and visit

We took a walk to the Feather River

We enjoyed the All You Can Eat Spaghetti that the Calpine Elks put on

Our cat Suki is getting old (17), but she's still moving around!

Of course we went to the Mill Pond & the boys went in with all their clothes

We got rid of all of the carpet in our new house, but everything is going a little slower than planned.

The boys, my mom, & I went to the County fair in Quincy.  A teenager won a goldfish and he gave it to Nathan, but we really didn't have anywhere to put it (we bought a cheap vase & some food).  It ended up only living a week, but I imagine that fair fish don't have a long life expectancy!

Our master bedroom floor had some issues, which caused some delays because more had to be done to remove what was under the carpet.  We discovered that there were hardwood floors underneath some of the carpet, but it wasn't for the whole house and would just be easier to put new flooring on top.

Nathan created a little nature table at the Mill Pond

We went to the brewery with our friends and some other people brought a drum set and the guy was kind enough to let Nathan play it.

Even though our floors were now delayed because of problems with hardwood floors that we purchased, we decided to move the family up to our new house anyway.  Christopher came back to Graeagle.  We celebrated our last night there at the brewery with Joe, Pam, Traci, Curt, Carson, & my mom.  It was one of the fondest memories I have of that time up in Graeagle.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Only five months behind.  Here was our July!

The boys went to a different part of Graeagle Creek and had a little fire to roast marshmallows.

We celebrated the 4th of July in Graeagle with family & friends.  Saturday was a bbq and fireworks.  Sunday was a pancake breakfast and then parade.

On Wednesday nights we listened to live music at the Outpost and on Friday nights we listened to live music at the Portola park

We went to the Mill Pond again and again and again

They befriended this stranger & he was game to talk to them for 1/2 hour about fishing

Meeting new kids

The boys did some rock "jumping"

We watched Frozen at the local winery

Johnsville had their annual Gold Days & the boys and us had a lot of fun there.

Panning for "gold"

Making candles
Anderson lost his first nail

We bought a Traeger (it is awesome!)

We enjoyed the community dinner with OJ

The Mill Pond again

Some logs were climbed

And Nathan got a hole in one at mini golf!