Sunday, December 28, 2014


We moved into our new house, but most everything had to stay packed up for a few weeks while they finished the flooring throughout most of the house.

The boys started first grade and preschool (we are homeschooling)

We went to our local park and Nathan found five four leaf clovers and one five leaf clover!  That kid is pretty lucky when finding clovers with more than three leaves!

The flooring was finished being put in!!!

The boys like to help with the garbage and are very excited on Thursday when the garbage trucks come.

The boys begged for some costumes at Costco, so we got them one each.

Anderson sometimes falls asleep in the most uncomfortable looking places.

Nathan learning how to roll yarn into a ball and then finger crochet & knit for school.

The boys and I went to an apple orchard with the new MOMS Club group I joined.

We participated in Lego day at the library (they have it once a month)

Christopher made this bed for our guest bedroom!

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