Sunday, March 21, 2010


Hi everyone,

Once again I have gotten really bad about updating this blog. I find that in my spare time I like to read or watch some TV instead of blog, but then that means you don't get updates about Nathan or us :(

Nathan is talking a lot more. He is like a little parrot now and repeats much of what we say. We have to be careful of what we say now! He is also putting two and three words together. He is becoming more adventurous and likes to fall from the couch to the bean bag chair backwards. He likes to jump from the ottoman to the couch. He likes to climb in things. He lifts his leg up on the crib's edge, but he hasn't yet figured that he has to hoist himself up to get over the crib and out (we are hoping he doesn't figure this out for awhile!). He loves water and everyday plays on the first step in our pool even though the water is freezing! Sometimes when we are outside Nathan takes off his diaper and whenever he has to go pee he will actually go in the potty. He likes going pee in there, but only outside and when the diaper and clothes are already off. He LOVES us reading books to him. The bad part for us is that we have to read the same book about 20 times before he allows us to move onto the next book :) He is good at pointing out things and saying what they are in the books. One if his favorite books is "Poop" aka "Everyone Poops." He has figured out how to open up some of our doors, which isn't that great, but he doesn't seem too interested to do it all of the time. Hard to believe that in a month Nathan will be 2!!!

Christopher and Lucy had their birthdays in February. Lucy turned four and it is hard to believe that she is already that old. I started all of my seeds, for our vegetable garden, in a starter set inside and the plants looked like they were ready to be transplanted into the ground. We got our backyard all tilled and ready for the planting. We planted and then the next day almost all of the plants were dead :( It appears as though Lucy and the feral cats trampled a lot of them :( I have to start over, but I bought bigger pots to start them in so that they can grow a little bigger before I transplant them. We have also put up a little fence to hopefully keep out Lucy.

Well, I am sure that you are most interested in some videos. Here they are. You can check more out at

Nathan at dinner.

Nathan howling. We howl when we hear sirens to get Lucy to howl and now Nathan howls when he hears sirens.

Nathan impersonating a chicken (no chickens or babies were hurt in the making of this).

Nathan picking his nose (he likes to do this a lot lately!) This video was taken today and the most recent. You can also see his new haircut in this video :)

Hope that you enjoyed them!