Sunday, July 31, 2011

Nathan Update

Life has been busy and crazy with two boys! Right now I am currently sitting in Nathan's bedroom waiting patiently for him to go to SLEEP! I think that I will fall asleep before he does. I guess since I am on the subject of Nathan I will start with him :)

-He wants to be a Garbage Man when he gets older. Wednesdays are his favorite days because he gets to see the garbage truck lift up the cans and dump them and then put them back down. He is also super lucky that we live in a big city because we have three cans (trash, recycling, and garden) and there is a different garbage truck for each can! There is also usually a different garbage truck for each side of the street. So he gets to see about six different garbage trucks that day! When I ask him what he wants to be when he grows up he always tells me "a Garbage Man."

-He has become a Chatty Cathy lately. Nathan is super shy and when he is around friends and strangers (except creepy looking strangers, whom he likes to talk to) he doesn't talk and will even cover up his face to hide from them. Lately he has been talking a lot to people, which is pretty cool to see. The stuff is mostly random and hilarious! One mom, from the school that he goes to, told me the other day that Nathan talked to her for a little while and she thinks that was the first time he has said a word to her (he's been at school since March!)

-He is still going to The Language Garden Community Preschool. He has been having a rough time lately with not wanting to go to school. It is a struggle to get him there, but then when I go to pick him up he doesn't want to leave! We have been working on some things to trick him into wanting to go to school and it seems to be working! Anyway, at school they speak Spanish to the kids and this month it has been a big month for Nathan in the Spanish department. He has started speaking in Spanish and correctly! I am excited to know that he is picking up the language and he is even able to pronounce some of the words that I can't say correctly! I am really looking forward to when he starts speaking it a lot more. We are still really happy with the school, kids, parents, and teachers!

-I leave the best (actually worst!) part for last. Nathan has been a pill and a half. He decided to hit his terrible twos at three. Although, I have heard that the threes are sometimes a lot harder than the twos, which I would agree with. Nathan loves to push our buttons. The biggest issue is that he likes to be mean to his brother and physically hurt him :( I really was hoping that Nathan would be this loving and caring brother, but he is not. I know that he does not like having his brother around because that takes away attention from him, but we can't let Anderson fend for himself. We went to a behavior seminar and got some good tips to help out with Nathan's behavior, which are already starting to work. I just hope that Nathan and Anderson are friends when they are older and that Nathan snaps out of this horrible phase soon!...He does have his moments of cuteness though!

Nathan the Garbage Man

Nathan being cute

Nathan about to bite Anderson

I was going through pictures and videos and was reminded of other stuff that is going on with Nathan. I am also tired and will have to end it here. Tomorrow I will post an Anderson update and then maybe after that I will do just a picture and video blog update!