Sunday, September 21, 2008

Nathan sleeps just like his mom

He actually sleeps with his eyes open a little bit. It is funny to see him sleeping this way and the picture that we will add is him doing so. He doesn't do it all of the time, but it is nice to see that he has some weird trait from me!

It has been a couple of weeks and Nathan has been doing some more new things. About a week ago his vocabulary changed from the "aahs and oohs" to razzing noises and it seems like he has added some consonants. He has not said dada or mama yet, but we are looking forward to when he does. Since he has discovered how he can make razzing noises with his tongue he has also started sticking out his tongue. He seems to have a very long tongue! It is so cute seeing him with his tongue always out. Along with his tongue always sticking out he seems to be drooling a lot more than usual. I think that this has to do with him teething, but we will see if he gets a tooth anytime soon.

Nathan has been working on his sitting. Whenever someone is holding him he will lean his body forward so that he is in a sitting up position instead of being reclined. He is able to pull himself up good. With support he sits really well. Without support he can sit, at the most, for a minute without toppling over. He is getting good at holding out an arm to keep his balance. Christopher and I think that in a week he will be able to sit without support for a longer period of time. We went on a walk with Nathan over the weekend and during the walk he was holding his head up for most of it and not leaning it back against the stroller which was a first for him.

We will be starting Nathan on solid foods (rice cereal) next week and we are excited! I think that Nathan is ready to eat more food and we are excited to get started on this new process. We will definitely be posting new pictures of him eating his first foods.

Everyone else in the Aedo household is doing well. Christopher will be going to New York this coming up weekend for business and it will be the first time that Nathan and I will be without Christopher for a few days. Christopher is going to really be missed by all of us!

Lastly, I am very excited that Fall is here. I am ready for this hot weather to be over with and I love the Fall.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lots of Milestones


Once again we have failed at updating this blog on a weekly basis. Since the last time we blogged was almost a month ago a lot has happened.

-Nathan turned 4 months! It is really hard to believe that four months have already passed by. The time is going so quickly. He is also getting more fun as the days go on. At his four month check-up he was 13lbs 5 oz and was 25" long. I was so excited that he was at 13lbs 5 oz because that meant that he gained almost 3lbs since the last visit which was more than the pound a month he was gaining. He is still on the smaller side for babies his age, but he is doing really well.

-Nathan finally figured out tummy time and how to hold his head up! One day it just clicked in his little brain and he knew what he was supposed to do when he was on his stomach. He is almost a little pro at it now. He lifts his head and chest up pretty well. We put a toy mirror in front of him and he will start cooing away at the mirror. It is really cute to see. He still does have a little hatred for being on his stomach because he can only last for about five minutes and then he wants to be in a different position. Speaking of mirrors, Nathan loves to look at a mirror and talk to himself. We realize that Nathan doesn't know that the baby he is looking at his him, but he loves to see himself and will get a huge smile and then start "talking."

-Nathan started reaching and grabbing for things. Around the same time that he finally figured out how to lift his head off the ground he started reaching for stuff. We have one of those baby gyms with the toys hanging from it and he would start reaching for those. He would also reach for toys that were within his distance. He has gotten really good at grabbing things now. The other day when I was eating breakfast and was holding Nathan he reached out and grabbed my cereal bowl and was pulling it towards him. He loves to get his hands on anything. If he can't get a good grip on something he will start screaming because he is frustrated. One thing that he loves to hold is my cell phone! Also, anything that Nathan holds he has to try and put it in his mouth. That seems to be his ultimate goal these days. Again, we don't know if he is teething or if he just wants to put everything in his mouth.

-Nathan found his feet. In some of the new pictures that we posted you will see that Nathan is grabbing his feet in a lot of them. He found them one day and is now obsessed with holding them. He hasn't figured out how to put them in his mouth yet, but I am sure that that day is right around the corner.

-Nathan has rolled over! He just did it tonight for the first time. He has been trying for the past week and he would almost get his whole body rolled over, but he couldn't get his left arm and shoulder to roll with him. When he did roll over tonight he was all the way over, but his arm was under his body and he hasn't figured out how to move it in front of him so that he can lift up on his arms to lift himself up. I think that within a week he should have the rolling (at least from back to front) figured out.

-For the longest time Nathan was going poop almost after every feeding. He now seems to be saving them up for one big poop during the day. Because of this there have been a few times that poop has leaked out of his diaper onto his clothes. I have heard of this happening with other babies, but Nathan had been so good at not doing this that I thought that I wouldn't have to deal with it. It is pretty disgusting, but I have to clean it up. I think that I do a really good job at cleaning up his clothes because you cannot tell at all after I have washed them that they were covered with poop! I have also successfully managed to get the poopy clothes off of Nathan without getting poop all over him.

-Nathan and I had our last Mommy & Me class. The classes were fun, but we will not be continuing on with them. We met some cool moms and babies and we hope that we will be staying in touch with them. I have already been going on walks with some of the moms on Tuesday nights. It is nice to get out of the house and go for a walk. The only part that sucks is that it is still really hot here in LA and I am just waiting for it to cool down!

-Christopher and I went to a Jack Johnson concert the other night while Rhonda babysat Nathan. The concert was a lot of fun (we LOVE Jack!). We did miss Nathan and I even requested that we leave the concert a little early so that we could get back to Nathan. It was our second time being away from Nathan for a long period of time and I think that we all did good. Rhonda said that Nathan was really well behaved!

-We are trying to get Nathan on a sleeping schedule, but I think that he has this figured out because he now does not want to go to bed when we want him to (which is still late). I heard that babies that are four months and older need to start going to bed from 7:30-8:30 because they need more sleep and they get tired sooner. We would try putting him to bed in this time frame, but he would just be wide awake and not want to sleep. We decided that we would go with another method that our pediatrician recommended to us. We are putting him to bed when we normally do and then every day to couple of days we will put him to bed 15 minutes earlier than the night before. We are hoping that this will work. Nathan is also only sleeping for five hours straight before he wakes up hungry. I am hoping that one of these days he will sleep for at least 8 hours straight. I would even take 6 hours, like he used to do.

Wow, I think that I wrote a ton in here. I guess that is what happens when you don't keep up on your blog. Everyone else in the Aedo family is doing good. Lucy starts with her dog classes next Monday and we know that she is going to be thrilled to be the center of attention for a little while.