Sunday, April 26, 2015

January 2015

Here was our January:

We explored a new park and discovered that the lake had about an inch of frozen ice on it.  The boys had fun breaking it up.

Christopher got his beer taps all set up.

Mount Hood in the distance.  This is just up the street and it looks closer in person than in this picture.  It is so cool to see year round.

Neko, our blind male cat got sick and we had to put him to sleep :(.

We explored the local climbing gym.

Christopher put in a French drain in front of our house!

Nathan started making stop motion animation videos with his Legos and I think he found a new hobby!

I started a homeschool blog and in this post you will find the video that Nathan mostly created here 

It looks like I have to upload the rest of my pictures to finish Feb-April :).


I got behind in this again.

Here was our December:

We had our first snowstorm in the new house.  It lasted for about five minutes and nothing stuck to the ground.

Nathan lost his first tooth!!

The boys made their own Christmas ornaments

Gracie was ready for Christmas too!

We went to the Kennedy School (an old school turned into a restaurant/motel/movie theater/etc) for dinner one night.  The place is super cool!

Nathan lost his second tooth on Christmas eve!

Christmas was a blast and Nana spent it with us!  The boys got a ton of Legos.

We took a drive to Multnomah Falls.  The boys weren't happy about it and didn't make the experience all that great, but it was cool to see.