Monday, January 27, 2014


I said that I would post about Christmas, so I better do that before it is summer and I'm super behind on this blog!

Before we left for Christmas I went a little crazy and baked so many cookies!  We gave them to all of our neighbors and the firemen.  Hopefully they enjoyed them!

This is just one of six plates I made

We went up to my mom's house for Christmas.  The boys were really excited to be up there because they thought that there would be tons of snow.  There was not a lot of snow, but there was enough to keep them happy.  I think that Nathan really wanted to build a snowman, but the snow was too hard to do that.

The boys were really excited for Santa to come and they could hardly wait.  On Christmas morning they were dying to open up their gifts, but we made them be a little patient and wait until their Nana was up.

The boys were very happy with their toys and made a complete mess of the house!

They were kept pretty occupied with their new toys!

Their cousin Joseph & Mia later came with Uncle Kevin & Aunt Deziree

Since Christopher was not working we ended up staying for almost two weeks and it was nice.  One of nights my mom got Christopher and I a room at the Peppermill (a casino] and she watched the boys.  This was the first time that the boys had not been with either Christopher or myself.  The room was pretty swanky too!

We definitely missed my dad this year and it wasn't quite the same without him, but the boys had a great Christmas!

Of course naps were had too!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

We celebrated New Years in Graeagle this year.  The boys were up a little late and since it was close to the East Coast's new year we decided that we would keep them up so that we could celebrate.  We had hats, poppers, and little horns.  We also had sparkling apple juice for our drinks.  The boys seemed very excited and we counted down and then celebrated like it was our new year.  We stayed up for a little bit longer and then went to bed and were all soundly asleep for our actual new year!