Monday, August 13, 2012

Illinois Vacation

Wow, I'm way behind, but I am determined to catch-up in here before the year is over!  This post is all about our vacation we took back in March.  We went to Illinois for Aunt Theresa's surprise 50th birthday party.  We all had a lot of fun and the boys especially loved all of Uncle Mike's cars!  We also got to spend time with the Brooks family and all of the other cousins.

I can't believe how much bigger the boys are in just six months!  

Anderson is trying to be like the big kids.  He definitely likes to copy the older ones!

Nathan LOVED the remote control car that Uncle Mike had.  The boys also loved the HUGE yard that they got to run around in!

I also need to mention that my boys are rockstar travelers!  They did a really excellent job flying there and back.  I am very grateful for that!


p.s. I think that I have some cute boys :)