Sunday, September 20, 2009

To Cut Or Not To Cut

Just a quick update :) Nathan's hair is getting a bit long and we are debating on whether or not to cut it. It looks like he has a surfer hairdo right now, which is pretty cute, but his hair gets in his eyes often. I guess once people start asking if he is a girl then it will be time to cut it :)

Nathan has been quite the helper lately and here is some video to prove it!

I think that we will be getting rid of our cleaning lady very soon :)


Monday, September 7, 2009

Loves To Eat

Nathan LOVES to eat. Here are some good ones:

Nathan eating his favorite food, cheese!

Nathan eating a banana

Nathan stealing Grandpa's breakfast bar :)

Nathan also loves to put things around his neck lately! We have to watch him very closely to make sure that he doesn't strangle himself! We aren't quite sure what the fascination is?

Nathan loves to wear this necklace around his neck. He is looking very stylish in this outfit :)

Nathan got tooth #7! He seems to take his time on getting teeth :) Nathan also started standing up on his own and now he doesn't have to crawl somewhere to pull himself up to a standing position. He is practically running now, but he is still really wobbly! It looks like he is a little drunk when he is walking/running, but I promise that we do not give him any of Christopher's beer! Nathan has a few "words" in his vocabulary. He says "bruh" for bread, "ch" for cheese, "hot" for hat and hot. Whenever he sees the computer he says "dada" because we Skype with Christopher and Nathan is used to seeing Christopher in the computer. Whenever someone comes in the door Nathan will usually say "dada" because he is excited to see Christopher coming home from work! Nathan understands a whole bunch and it is a little crazy to us that he comprehends so much. He loves to read and he will give us his favorite books over and over to read. He particularly likes Goodnight Moon, Brown Bear, Bear On A Bike, The Foot Book, Goodnight Gorilla, Ten In The Bed, and the Hungry Caterpillar. He loves to point at stuff in the book and he seems to understand what a lot of the pictures are.

Speaking of caterpillars, I have come to loathe them! I used to like them, but now that I have some big tomato plants growing I am really upset when I find the leaves and tomatoes all eaten up by the caterpillars. It really bothers me when the tomatoes are eaten because I have not had one tomato ripen yet and I would like to try at least one! There are also so many caterpillars and I don't know where they all come from. I seem to find at least five a day. I do feel a little bad about getting them off of my plants because I know that they are hungry just like in Nathan's book :) I have some bell peppers that are growing and doing well and the rest of my plants have died! Next year I think will be a better year!

We got a surprise this weekend! My parents came down to visit with us for a couple of days. We had no idea and it was great to see them! We wish that they could have stayed longer, but at least we got to see them!!!!