Thursday, February 4, 2010

Being Lazy

I don't know how many followers we have on this blog, but those of you who are out there you are probably wondering why I haven't written anything since November! The reason has been mostly laziness and forgetfulness. We had a lot going on at the end of the year and I was and still am really into reading and that is taking priority over this blog and I am very sorry because I know that you all love to hear what is going on with Nathan and our family :)

For Christmas we went up to my parents' house. My brother, his girlfriend, and their baby and Christopher's brother and sister-in-law were also there (it was very nice having them). It was the first year that my mom had to do the cooking for dinner and she did a great job! Nathan wasn't all that interested in opening presents and I think that he liked my dad's golf balls the most! There was a little snow and Nathan seemed to enjoy that. The week before Christmas Nathan and I got a horrible stomach flu and were throwing up all night. It was no fun and we managed to get Sandra sick before we left and then my parents, brother, and Christopher's brother and sister-in-law also got sick. I thought that we weren't contagious when we went up there! The good part about that was I was down some pounds, so I was able to eat a ton of cookies!!!!

We started up with our classes at the Waldorf school again. Lucy is the only one that is from the last class. This time around Nathan is one of the older ones and there are a lot more younger ones. I liked the class better when he was the youngest one because he got to see what the older kids were doing, but the kids and parents in this class are really nice. We put in an application for Nathan to attend nursery (aka preschool) at the Waldorf school for next year. He won't be quite old enough when school starts, but we are hoping that they will let him in early or that he will be able to go once he is old enough. We have our interview for that next week.

Nathan is talking a lot for him. Nathan is not a big talker and I think that he may get that trait from me :) Lately, he has been saying a lot of words and he repeats a lot of what we say. He hasn't put any words together, but his vocabulary is expanding like crazy. Of course, when he is around other people he is quiet as a mouse :) He calls our dog Lucy, "Goose" and "Goosey." I guess that we call her that a lot and he picked it up. He also calls our cat Neko, "Buddy." Neko is the cat that likes the hard petting from Nathan so Christopher and I are always saying to him, "where's your buddy Neko?" or stuff similar to that and Nathan picked it up that Neko's name is Buddy. We don't want to change it though :)

Nathan's most favorite two things in the whole world are food and water! The water that he loves is the kind that he plays in. When we go to playdates you can count on Nathan being the one kid to hang out at the table with the food for most of the time. When we go out to the park or anywhere and there is someone with some food he will go up to them and try to get food from them. Most people are nice and give him food, but I feel like I need to pay those people back with all of the food that he has eaten. Even in the Waldorf class the teacher always has to cut him off from his snack because he would just stay at the table and eat and eat if he could. I do have to say that he isn't such a good eater at dinnertime (probably because he is so full from the rest of the day!). If Nathan could be in water all of the time he would LOVE it! We go outside and he will play in our freezing cold pool water and not mind one bit. When it was raining he loved playing outside in the rain. At a class we go to there are little sinks for the kids and he will be at the sink the whole time just playing with the water. I always have to carry around an extra set of clothes to change him because I usually have to change him at least once a day because he is all wet. I am excited for him to take swim lessons this year and for him to actually swim in our pool. I think that he will love it.

Nathan loves to go on walks, especially when he gets to walk and not be pushed in the stroller. He also likes touching all the sprinklers that he sees on the walk :). Nathan likes to run and he is getting fast and good at it! Nathan loves the slides and has mastered them. He goes down them like a pro. He is also getting good at climbing the play structures. There is one playground that has a little kid section and a big kid section and Nathan liked playing in the big kid section more and did a good job at it. Nathan also loves for us to read to him and right now he likes the books that are interactive (flaps and textures).

Just today Nathan went pee in the potty! We have been working on getting him familiar with the bathroom routine. He knows that you go pee and poo in the potty and that you wipe when you are done, but he still doesn't quite get that he is supposed to go in it. We just got him his own potty so hopefully that will help. He tells us after he has gone poo or pee that he went and that his diaper is dirty. Today we were sitting on the couch and he took off his diaper and he said that he had to go pee so I took him to his potty and he went pee! He even peed a lot. That was really exciting! Then about an hour later he told me he had to pee and I took his diaper off and he just peed in it! I guess that this process will be a gradual one. I am just glad that he went pee in the potty once!

Christopher got a new job! His last day at the old job is tomorrow and he starts the new one on Monday. We are very hopeful about this new job. Christopher's hours and commute should be better, which will be a huge plus!

I don't think that anything else has been going on. I am going to try and post some videos on this blog so that you can see Nathan in "live form." I am hoping to get those up this weekend, wish me luck!!!!