Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Things Nathan Says

Nathan really cracks me up with the things that he says. Most of the time I don't want to correct him because the way that he says stuff is just too cute. Here are some things:

-"Gartage trucks" He loves garbage trucks and every Wednesday he "runs, runs, runs" to go see the gartage trucks.

-"Bandin" Sometimes when Nathan gets a scratch he wants a band-aid to be put on his boo boo, but he calls it a bandin :)

-"Hottiehottie" This is what Nathan says when we get in my car and it is hot inside

-"All better" When Nathan has a boo boo or something hurts he wants you to kiss the sore spot. As soon as you kiss it he says, "all better."

-"Watch bideos" Nathan likes to watch videos that I have taken of him on my phone

-"Hit it" Nathan still has a paci during sleep times (I need to wean him off of it!) and when we ask him to get rid of it before he gets out of his crib he says, "hit it," but he means "spit it" out.

-"Nakin! Nakin! Nakin!" He says this while holding his hands palms up because he wants a napkin and he wants it now!

-"Trader Joe's O's" He thinks that Trader Joe's is called Trader Joe's O's! I think that he got this from their cereal that we eat. Whenever we go there, or he sees the Trader Joe's title (on food or an actual store) he says, "Trader Joe's O's!"

-"Hider goes, bitsy, bitsy, bitsy" We sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider to him and he associates that song with spiders now :) When he says, "Hider (High-der) goes bitsy, bitsy, bitsy" he puts one of his hands on top of his head an wriggles his fingers around like a spider.

Nathan says a ton of cute stuff. He also has this really monotone voice sometimes and it is hilarious to hear him talk. He loves to repeat stuff that we say to him, so we are watching what we say and so far he hasn't picked up any bad or inappropriate words! He is also now "reading" his books to himself. He has his favorite books and since we have read them to him over and over he basically has them memorized and will sit down and read the book to himself.

Nathan also finished his swim lessons and now can swim, float, and swim. He did such a great job during the lessons and never cried and actually would smile when he got to swim. Every parent that saw him would remark on how he was such a chill kid! I was also told that I should be prepared to have a wild child for #2, which I am hoping is not the case! I promise that I will do a blog post this week with swim pictures and videos of Nathan.

Only three more months until we meet baby #2! We still have not found out the sex and will not be finding out. We also have no name ideas for a boy or a girl and I have a feeling that we will be doing that last minute! I have been feeling really good and my belly is defnitely starting to show now.

Lastly, our garden and chickens are doing very well! I didn't plan on planting a lot of yellow squash plants, but I did and so now I have an abundance of yellow squash and have been giving them away and putting them in everything! I am also getting a ton of cherry tomatoes, some zucchini, greenbeans, and a few bell peppers. I have a pumpkin that is growing and it amazes me at how big it gets each day! The chickens are also getting bigger each day. We gave our friend Rhonda her three chickens that we were watching for her. It seems as though our other chickens miss the other three, but I am sure that they like the extra space :).

That is about it for now!

This Nathan cooking up some yummy food!

Nathan playing on a play structure!

Nathan drawing :)

Nathan and Christopher doing some serious reading!

Nathan needs help dressing :)!

Nathan at the beach

Nathan all grown-up looking

A preview of swim pictures!

Nathan hiding out under the easel :)

Here is a picture of the last ultrasound we had at 20 weeks (currently at 27 weeks)