Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Trip

For Thanksgiving this year none of us were sick! This meant that we got to go to Grandma Hope's house for some yummy food! Nathan loved being at Grandma Hope's house because he had a lot of space to run around. There were also some sheep that he loved watching, and they had chickens too (and he loved following them around!) The food was great and I personally think that I can eat Thanksgiving Day meals every day and not get sick of it :)

We took the plunge and got Nathan's hair cut!!!!! My Uncle Johnny does haircuts and we decided to have him do Nathan's first professional one. Nathan did really well and was sitting in the chair not moving around much. My Uncle let Nathan play with the clippers so that Nathan wasn't afraid of them, which helped a lot. Then my Uncle started on his hair cut...he shaved the back of it and my first reaction was "oh, that is short!" Once it was done it looked as though I had a different kid. Nathan definitely looks like a little boy now. Towards the end of the haircut he was getting antsy so there were some pieces that still needed trimming that we got later on :) Here are a before and after picture :)

The full gallery of Nathan's hair cut is at http://gallery.christopheraedo.com in Nathan (pt2) at the end.

Until recently, Nathan has not been very adventurous around things like the slides at playgrounds. He has turned a corner though, and this time when we went he was excited to try. When we put him on the slide he got this really terrified look on his face, but as soon as he was at the bottom and either Christopher or I had him he got a HUGE smile on his face and would start clapping and want to do it again. While we were there Nathan took a tumble and busted his lip open :( I think that it was his first big injury. He had blood everywhere and was crying a lot. Needless to say, I have not wanted to take him back to that playground. I took a picture of his fat lip, but those still need to be downloaded from our camera.

Then when we were in Sacramento for T-Day one of my cousin's had a toy slide to play on. Nathan has never been too interested in the slide. He would go up this one almost to the top and then climb back down. After some encouragement from Grandpa Nathan started going down the slide. He would even go down without one of us holding his hands. He was loving it!

We have parent and child classes at our local Waldorf school and they have a playground with a slide and Nathan has always been too scared to go on it. He would sometimes try to climb up the slide from the bottom of it, but that would be it. This week he was climbing up the play structure to get to the top of the slide and then would go down it, which is a huge step for him! Sometimes he would get so excited that he would forget that he needs to sit down and I would have to catch him before he took a tumble down the slide. I am very excited that he now is not afraid to go down a slide :)

I was noticing today how much Nathan has changed in just a few months. He really has grown a lot. He repeats a lot of what we say and do now. I think that "sushi" is one of my favorite words that he says. I taught him how to give Eskimo kisses and those are the best! It is amazing how fast they grow-up! I really am enjoying this time with him!


p.s. Christopher built Nathan this cool play kitchen and once we upload the photos we will blog about it!