Sunday, June 29, 2008

Nathan is 2 months old!


A lot has gone on since we last posted in this blog so I will try to update everything that has happened without writing a book :)

1-I turned 29! Hard to believe that this is the last year of my 20s. Christopher and I went out to a movie and dinner. It was the first time that both of us were away from Nathan at the same time for an extended period. Karen, Christopher's sister, was in town and she watched him for us. We didn't check up on him and we both enjoyed the movie (Iron Man) and the dinner. We were only out for about four hours and I had to get home because I missed Nathan and I had to pump some milk out of me because I felt like I was going to explode.

2-Nathan and I went to our Mommy and Me class on Thursday for the first time. There are nine other women and 10 babies in the class. We did introductions, sang songs to the babies, and then shared our frustrations and joys about being a new mom. During this time I realized that I have a GREAT husband who has helped me out a lot! I was afraid that Nathan would be really fussy for the class, but he did a great job because he mostly slept during the class. We will be going to these classes for the next nine weeks. I am hoping that I will be making some friends from this class that Nathan and I can hang out with.

3-NATHAN TURNED TWO MONTHS OLD! Hard to believe that he is now two months old. The time is really flying by. We went to the doctor for his two month appointment and here are his stats: Weight: 10 lbs 9 oz and height: 22.75". For his weight he is in the 25th percentile and for his height he is in the 50th percentile when compared to other babies at this age. His head measurement is also on the small side. Everything was looking great! We just need to work on his neck muscles some more so that he can hold up his head. The doctor said that he looked a little weak in that area. We have been doing tummy time and putting Nathan in a little chair to have him practice holding his head up. The doctor also confirmed that Nathan is a cute baby!

4-We have had a lot of visitors recently. Nathan's Aunt Karen stayed with us for about four days. She thinks that Nathan is really cute and gets his cute looks from her :) It was great having her around and we look forward to when we get to go camping with them in July. Mike and Ricki (Christopher's brother's brother and sister in-law) came and stayed with us for an evening. We enjoyed having them here and Ricki made some delicious brownies for us.

5-Nathan attended his first birthday party. Jacques Berube is turning one on July 4th and we went to his birthday party. Nathan slept for most of the party which was nice because we didn't have to try and calm a crying baby. There were also a lot of other young children and babies there so it was nice to get to talk to all of the parents about what they are going through with their kids.

That is about it for the update. We have added more pictures to our gallery (they are at the bottom...there are lots of pictures). Also, a few posts below Christopher talks about the weekly pictures. You can go to that link to get those pictures.


Oh, I almost forgot. Christopher and I bought a new vacuum. It is the best vaccum ever! It picks up so much dirt and does a great job. We love it a lot and have vacuumed our whole house. The best part is that the sound of the vacuum puts Nathan right to sleep!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Father's Day


Christopher celebrated his first Father's Day! We didn't do much and Christopher ended up making us all breakfast and dinner for Father's day. What a great father he is! Nathan is smiling more and more each day. Christopher will tickle Nathan and that gets him to smile really big. Watching them during "tickle time" is a lot of fun. Nathan also seems to be the most content on his changing pad. Whenever we put him on the changing pad he calms down and starts to coo and smile. It is fun watching him and hopefully we will get a video up of this soon.

Nathan and I made a trip to my work place to visit all of my co-workers. Everyone couldn't believe that it has almost been two months since Nathan was born. It was weird being at work because there are so many new people that I didn't recognize. It was nice to see the people that I did know. They all said that Nathan was cute and I would agree with them!

Lastly, the temperature here in LA has been really HOT! Nathan and I are staying inside with the air conditioning on so that we stay nice and cool. We will start using our pool soon because the water feels really good in this heat. I think that Nathan is still a little young to go swimming, but maybe in a month or two we will get him in the pool if the weather stays this hot.


Friday, June 13, 2008


Anyone who knows me (this is Christopher typing by the way) knows that I am good at finding excuses to buy new electronic gadgets. The birth of our first son was no exception; I convinced Heather we had no choice but to purchase a new 3CCD HD camcorder that stored video on SD cards, for easy and convenient editing and storage. Further, we needed it before Nathan was here so we could record his birth in high def! (That's not THIS video though...)

I finally had a chance to play around with iMovie and get something uploaded to YouTube. Expect more videos soon (he's getting really fun to record now that he's smiling and dancing!) For now though, I present: Nathan's First (and second) Bath:

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Once a week...

We decided to take a picture of Nathan once a week, in the same place, for the first few months at least (and hopefully the first year if we can stick to it!) I separated the weekly pictures out into a new gallery (click here) so we can see him growing bit by bit. Should be a lot of fun -- since we see this little guy every day, we mostly notice he's growing by how tired our arms are! The pictures will be a nice reference...


Back to work, one month old


It has been a couple of weeks since Christopher has been back to work and both Nathan and I miss him A LOT! He was a great help around the house and it was nice to be able to give Nathan to him so that I could have a break. We all wish that Christopher could be at home, but someone has to make the money!

You will also notice that around Nathan's birth Christopher didn't have that much facial hair and in this picture he has a lot. He decided that he would not shave after Nathan was born. I am not a big fan, but he tells me that he gets lots of compliments on it :) He said that he wants to keep it until Nathan is old enough to shave so that he can show Nathan how to do it. If that were the case I think that I would secretly shave it during the night when he was sleeping! Christopher told me that he would be getting rid of it soon, but we shall see.

Nathan also turned one month old on 5/26. We can hardly believe that the month flew by that quickly. Even though it doesn't feel like we are doing much the time is flying by. In a couple more weeks Nathan will be two months old. These past couple of weeks have been trying and fun. Nathan has been extra fussy. I think that he was going through a growing spurt which was causing this. Luckily, the crying and fussiness has seemed to subside. He is now starting to coo a lot and it is really adorable. He has started giving us "real" smiles now too. They are the best! It is fun having him interact with us more and not be so newborn.

We do keep adding pictures to our gallery and you just have to click on the link below. All of the new pictures are at the bottom of the page. I have also taken over the duty of updating this blog, so hopefully I will be able to update it more frequently.

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