Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Back to work, one month old


It has been a couple of weeks since Christopher has been back to work and both Nathan and I miss him A LOT! He was a great help around the house and it was nice to be able to give Nathan to him so that I could have a break. We all wish that Christopher could be at home, but someone has to make the money!

You will also notice that around Nathan's birth Christopher didn't have that much facial hair and in this picture he has a lot. He decided that he would not shave after Nathan was born. I am not a big fan, but he tells me that he gets lots of compliments on it :) He said that he wants to keep it until Nathan is old enough to shave so that he can show Nathan how to do it. If that were the case I think that I would secretly shave it during the night when he was sleeping! Christopher told me that he would be getting rid of it soon, but we shall see.

Nathan also turned one month old on 5/26. We can hardly believe that the month flew by that quickly. Even though it doesn't feel like we are doing much the time is flying by. In a couple more weeks Nathan will be two months old. These past couple of weeks have been trying and fun. Nathan has been extra fussy. I think that he was going through a growing spurt which was causing this. Luckily, the crying and fussiness has seemed to subside. He is now starting to coo a lot and it is really adorable. He has started giving us "real" smiles now too. They are the best! It is fun having him interact with us more and not be so newborn.

We do keep adding pictures to our gallery and you just have to click on the link below. All of the new pictures are at the bottom of the page. I have also taken over the duty of updating this blog, so hopefully I will be able to update it more frequently.

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