Friday, June 20, 2008

Father's Day


Christopher celebrated his first Father's Day! We didn't do much and Christopher ended up making us all breakfast and dinner for Father's day. What a great father he is! Nathan is smiling more and more each day. Christopher will tickle Nathan and that gets him to smile really big. Watching them during "tickle time" is a lot of fun. Nathan also seems to be the most content on his changing pad. Whenever we put him on the changing pad he calms down and starts to coo and smile. It is fun watching him and hopefully we will get a video up of this soon.

Nathan and I made a trip to my work place to visit all of my co-workers. Everyone couldn't believe that it has almost been two months since Nathan was born. It was weird being at work because there are so many new people that I didn't recognize. It was nice to see the people that I did know. They all said that Nathan was cute and I would agree with them!

Lastly, the temperature here in LA has been really HOT! Nathan and I are staying inside with the air conditioning on so that we stay nice and cool. We will start using our pool soon because the water feels really good in this heat. I think that Nathan is still a little young to go swimming, but maybe in a month or two we will get him in the pool if the weather stays this hot.


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