Sunday, September 21, 2008

Nathan sleeps just like his mom

He actually sleeps with his eyes open a little bit. It is funny to see him sleeping this way and the picture that we will add is him doing so. He doesn't do it all of the time, but it is nice to see that he has some weird trait from me!

It has been a couple of weeks and Nathan has been doing some more new things. About a week ago his vocabulary changed from the "aahs and oohs" to razzing noises and it seems like he has added some consonants. He has not said dada or mama yet, but we are looking forward to when he does. Since he has discovered how he can make razzing noises with his tongue he has also started sticking out his tongue. He seems to have a very long tongue! It is so cute seeing him with his tongue always out. Along with his tongue always sticking out he seems to be drooling a lot more than usual. I think that this has to do with him teething, but we will see if he gets a tooth anytime soon.

Nathan has been working on his sitting. Whenever someone is holding him he will lean his body forward so that he is in a sitting up position instead of being reclined. He is able to pull himself up good. With support he sits really well. Without support he can sit, at the most, for a minute without toppling over. He is getting good at holding out an arm to keep his balance. Christopher and I think that in a week he will be able to sit without support for a longer period of time. We went on a walk with Nathan over the weekend and during the walk he was holding his head up for most of it and not leaning it back against the stroller which was a first for him.

We will be starting Nathan on solid foods (rice cereal) next week and we are excited! I think that Nathan is ready to eat more food and we are excited to get started on this new process. We will definitely be posting new pictures of him eating his first foods.

Everyone else in the Aedo household is doing well. Christopher will be going to New York this coming up weekend for business and it will be the first time that Nathan and I will be without Christopher for a few days. Christopher is going to really be missed by all of us!

Lastly, I am very excited that Fall is here. I am ready for this hot weather to be over with and I love the Fall.


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jengoodie said...

When Cam started solid food he didn't poop for a week. Watch out!