Sunday, October 19, 2008


Nathan started eating solid foods once he turned five months old (almost a month ago!). We started him off on rice and oatmeal cereal and then have gone on to sweet potatoes, peaches, and pears. This coming week we are going to try avocados. Nathan will give the first bite a funny look but after that he loves eating the food. He gets so excited when we put him in the highchair because he loves eating solids. We are following the book Super Baby Food and I am making all of his food. We are getting what we can at our local Farmer's market that is organic. I am anxious to see how Nathan is going to react to veggies and if he will like them as much as he does the fruit. The best part about the solids is that Nathan's poop is now more solid (I am joking about this!). His poop and farts now stink which is something new that I could have done without. The one good thing is that his poops are more solid and he isn't having the explosive poops that are coming out of his diapers and getting all over him, his clothes, and me...enough about the poop talk.

-Nathan has to put anything and everything into his mouth. His feet are now one of his favorite things to get into his mouth. He can hold his bottle and a sippy cup, but hasn't quite figured out that they need to be tilted far back to get anything out of them. He doesn't mind being on his stomach like he used to and he is getting really good at holding up his upper body. He hasn't started making any movements like he wants to start crawling or scooting so I don't know when that will happen. He has been "talking" a lot these days, but his vocabulary hasn't changed. I am still waiting to hear "dada" or "mama" from him, but he doesn't say too many consonants.

Christopher and Sandra went to the Grand Canyon the weekend of 10/11 so my parents came down to help me out with Nathan. It was so nice to have them both in town. The help was what I needed and it gave them some time to bond with Nathan. I think that Nathan really enjoyed their company. We will get to see them again next month for Thanksgiving and we are really looking forward to that. Christopher and I are so excited that Halloween is almost here. We love this holiday and are looking forward to experiencing it with Nathan. We already have a costume for him, curtousy of our friend Jen. We are going to a pumpkin patch next week and will be putting up some decorations and carving some pumpkins too.

Lastly, I know that we have told some people but we are already looking into a school for Nathan. We found a Waldorf school that is located less than a mile away from us that we wanted to check into. Since the school is small not everyone gets accepted in and we wanted to make sure that if we liked the school we could get Nathan in early. We took a tour of the school and learned about all the grades especially the Preschool and Kindergarten.

Sorry that I have written another book. I really need to update this more frequently :)


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