Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Fast Internet is Awesome!

As you can see the blog has not been updated since June.  I was doing a photo a day challenge, which I actually did complete on my Instagram account, but did not complete here because the internet at my mom's house was so s.....l.....o....w...  It was a bit frustrating and I know that a blog without pictures of cute kids isn't really that fun to read :).

So what did the Aedo family do in June?  Well, we started the process of buying a house.

We went and visited this house in June to see if we actually liked it in person (as the houses are very different in person versus on the internet).  Luckily, we really liked the house and had an inspection done and it passed!  Phew.  Move in date was to be the middle of August.

We celebrated Father's Day

We went to the Millpond probably almost every day

We went and visited with my Uncle Johnny, his lady friend Candy, and my Grandma Hope at the Little Bear campground.  The boys immediately went and hung out with the older men.

We celebrated my 35th birthday!

We started swim lessons that Nathan was happy about and Anderson was not (he ended up quitting after a couple of weeks, but I couldn't blame him because there was a teacher that wasn't so understanding to him being afraid of the water)

Nathan and Gracie like to cuddle

The boys and I took a walk down the Graeagle River.  As soon as we got out of the river there was a coyote, but he ran away from us, thank goodness!

That was the other half of June in a nutshell.  Now to the other months.

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