Sunday, March 1, 2009

10 Months and the News

Nathan turned 10 months on 2/26 which was Christopher's 36th birthday! We didn't have a big birthday celebration because Christopher worked and then Nathan goes to bed early. Hard to believe that in just two months Nathan will be a year old.

Nothing much has changed from last week. Nathan is standing up on furniture a lot and his balance seems to be getting better. I don't foresee him walking in the near future though :)

We still have Grandpa Aedo here and he will be here until the end of next week. We are hoping that next week we will be able to go to the zoo because Bill and Nathan should really like that.

Lastly, we were asked by our instructor if we would be one of the demo babies for a piece that the ABC news in LA was doing on swimming. We agreed, but then the instructor called and said that the piece was canceled so we would not be doing it. We were really excited about it, but oh well. I am also not quite sure if the piece was canceled or if our instructor decided that she didn't want us to demo and was saying that it was canceled to be nice.

The reason for our instructor not wanting us to do the news piece is that we had to go to her house during the weekend for a refresher class and Nathan didn't do so well. Nathan started crying immediately and then he was kicking and flailing all over the place. He was having a hard time floating. After a few minutes he calmed down and was able to float, but he was having a hard time rolling over. He got the rollovers except when he was put face down in the water. In the pool he had a huge burp and threw-up some water. When Jessica took him out of the pool he threw-up water a few more times. He also fell asleep right away. I then moved him to change him and he was having a hard time trying to stay awake. He then threw-up again and got me and him all wet. We came home and he threw-up about five more times and completely drenched himself and me and got the floor all wet. I tried breastfeeding a little after he had thrown-up and he threw that all up. It was incredible how much water he had thrown-up. He swallowed a ton of water during the refresher class. It was a little worrying that he had such a hard time floating and rolling over considering that we didn't finish classes too long ago. Jessica called me over the weekend to say that the piece was canceled and she also wanted to talk about what was going on with Nathan. She wants me to bring him back to classes in a week for a couple of days to see what may be going on. I think that he was just super tired because he had missed his nap. By putting him in the pool and "working" it really tired him out. He also had been eating apple products which makes kids super gassy. It should be interesting to see how he does in a week. I hope that he does well because it worries me that he wouldn't do well if he fell in the pool. Jessica is also going to talk to her instructor to see what may be going on. I hope that it was just a case of Nathan being overly exhausted!


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jengoodie said...

He's starting to look like a little boy.