Sunday, June 14, 2009

Grammie B

The last couple of weeks Nathan and I have been doing a lot of traveling. About three weeks ago I got word that my Grammie B had about two to eight weeks left to live because she had really aggressive cancer that was in her lungs and liver. Nathan and I flew up to Reno two weeks ago to say our goodbyes to her. When we got there she wasn't doing so good, but she was able to recognize us and she even lit up when she saw us. She held Nathan's foot for a little bit and at one point Nathan went over to where she was and was holding onto her fingers. I was really glad that we were able to see her even though it wasn't like it was my Grammie anymore.

We flew back home on Tuesday and my dad called me on Wednesday to say that my Grammie B had passed away. I was pretty sad about the news, but I knew that it was the best for her because she was in a lot of pain. That weekend we made the long drive (about 9 hours) up to Graeagle so that we could go to her funeral service. It was nice being at home again and seeing my dad's side of the family. It is definitely going to be weird not having my Grammie B around anymore. I really am going to miss her!

Onto some happy news! Nathan now has five teeth! He has his four front teeth and just today one of his top side teeth came in. Nathan also waved to someone today when they were leaving and that is the first time that I have seen him do that! Nathan is babbling like crazy and saying "dada" a lot, but he hasn't associated it with Christopher. He doesn't say any words yet, but he seems like he is really close to doing so. Nathan is also getting better at standing alone. He can stand all by himself for a while, but if he notices that he is standing without support he will either start to cry or he will find something to hold onto to. I think that he will be walking at 15 months and not the 13-14 that I predicted. He is just taking his time on the walking and I am not complaining about that :). Nathan still loves his food and whenever he is cranky all we have to do is give him some food and he is happy (hopefully, this will not cause any problems later in life for him!).

On a last note, this is my last week of being in my 20s! It is hard to believe that I am almost 30!


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