Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fun Stuff

I don't have any pictures of what I am about to write about because it would have just looked like I have a messy house and I don't want to give that impression to anyone :)

Right now, there are very few toys that are around our house. This is because Nathan has a tendency to throw them when he gets angry. He particularly likes to throw them in Anderson's direction. The new rule in our house is that if a toy is thrown it goes away. Well, almost all of the toys are away. We could have given Nathan a chance to "win" back his toys, but he's been doing fine without them and I have read that less is better. With that said, the "game" that Nathan has been playing is called, "Selling Presents."

Nathan found where I keep all of my gift bags, tissue paper, and other gift giving related items. He knows that these are what Santa uses to sell gifts. Yes, I did write sell. Nathan is under the impression that Santa sells you gifts instead of giving them to you. We have told him that Santa doesn't sell them, but it never seems to stick :). Nathan will go and get a gift bag and load it up with whatever he finds around the house and then he will come and deliver it to Christopher, Anderson, or myself. I believe that he delivered over 20 presents to us! Anderson was also very excited about this game and would pick-up some presents and give them to Christopher or myself. Seeing Nathan come up with this game that required no toys (well, some of the gifts were toys) was awesome to see!

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