Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sick and Word of the Day

Nathan came into my room last night and he was tossing and turning the whole night.  I knew this wasn't a good sign and I was pretty sure he wasn't feeling well.  He didn't seem hot to me and I waited until when he woke up to take his temperature.  Sure enough he had a low-grade fever :(.  I'm guessing that he now has the flu.  He seems to be doing well, but he isn't too hungry and has taken a nap, which if you know him is not usual!  We've been alternating the Ibuprofen with the Acetaminophen and that has been keeping his fever low-grade.  We just hope that it doesn't get much worse then this!  On the plus side for Nathan is that since he is sick he gets to watch TV.  He has been non-stop with the TV, but at least it makes him just sit and relax and is something that we can bribe him with to take the medicine!  Anderson appears to have a little cold, but no fever.  I'm pretty sure that since Nathan is sick Anderson and myself will be sick soon.  At least Christopher is on the mend! 

Anderson for most of yesterday and today has been saying the word "ocho" over and over and over.  I think that Nathan was counting in Spanish and Anderson heard that word and liked it and has been repeating it ever since.  Of course, I wanted to video him saying that word and every time I got out my camera to video him he wouldn't say it.  So instead you get this picture of him with smoothie all over his face :)

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