Wednesday, February 13, 2013

That's One BIG egg!

I went to go collect the chickens' eggs this morning and I found this monster egg in there!  It was so big.  The above picture is it next to a regular sized egg (about the size that you would find in the grocery stores).  I think that in person the egg even looked bigger than the picture.

Nathan had to have that egg for breakfast.  When we cracked it open there were two yolks!  How exciting that we got our first egg with two yolks!  This is one of Foghorn's eggs and she has been known to lay some weird eggs (she has laid shell-less eggs a couple of times).

Sorry about the blurry phone picture!

A quick update about Anderson, he woke up this morning with a lot of the welts gone!  I think that the Benadryl and Claritin really helped!  I was also looking at this blog and it reminded me that  he had an allergic reaction on his forehead the day that we went to the zoo.  I'm now curious to know if it was maybe a reaction to the medicine.  I'll have to try that sunscreen again!


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