Sunday, July 5, 2009

Nathan is waving!!!!!

Nathan has finally started to wave to people when you say goodbye or hi! He doesn't do it all of the time and it is a very sloppy wave, but it is one! He waves with his whole arm up and down and fast :) We were in the parking lot and this lady stopped in her car to let us cross and I put out my hand to say "thanks" and Nathan started waving to her! She started laughing and waving back! I am glad that he is finally waving. Now I just have to get him to start clapping :)

Aren't Nathan's teeth cute? I actually think most things about him are cute :) I do think that he is getting cuter as he gets older. His appearance has changed a lot in a couple of months. I was looking at some old pictures of his and I can't believe how much he has changed. Go to and you can take a look at our bazillion pictures we have!

Nathan LOVES to eat!!! We had heard that babies/toddlers usually get really picky about what they eat after they turn a year, but that is not the case with Nathan. He eats about anything (he has even had a little taste of some cat food that he got to before we could get to him) and likes it all. He also eats a lot! I think that he gets that from both sides of the family :) One of his first signs was for "cracker" and he does that sign all of the time. He will crawl over to the fridge and look up at the crackers and do the sign. He also loves to stuff his face with food. It is amazing how much food he can cram in his cheeks. In the above picture I had some chips on the table and I didn't think that he could reach them and I was in the next room and I heard something fall and I went in and I saw that he had pulled the chips off of the table and was scrambling to eat them as fast as he could before I could get to him or the chips. He is a great eater and you can definitely tell by his chubby little legs!

We had a nice 4th of July weekend! Rhonda ended up feeding us two nights in a row and we are very thankful for that!!! We didn't watch any fireworks show, but we think that next year we will keep Nathan up so that we can watch some show somewhere. This coming week Christopher is going to Costa Rica for work and I am really jealous that we don't get to come! We will definitely miss him around the house!


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