Thursday, May 16, 2013

Nathan's Five Year Stats

Nathan had his five year doctor appointment & I think this was one of the easier appointments with him!  He had a hearing test & passed with flying colors.  Then he had a vision test, which he didn't care for too much.  At one point he started making up shapes (he was looking at a shape chart).  His vision is 20/30, but it could be better since we don't know for sure if he could or could not see some shapes.  For the first time he got to wear a hospital gown for his appointment which he liked.  

Here are his stats:
Height: 42.5" - 37%
Weight: 44 lbs 8 oz - 72%

For his height he is normally in the 25% range, so it is nice to see this percentage go up.  Even though he is at 72% for weight he has leveled off and he wouldn't technically be called overweight; in years past his BMI would put him at being overweight even though he didn't look like it!

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