Thursday, July 11, 2013

Vacation Part 2

While we were on vacation Nana and Papa took the boys to the Discovery museum in Reno and the boys had a ton of fun!  We ended up staying close to three hours and the boys wanted to come back another day.  The place was super cool!

Nana and Papa had to go back to Reno to do some more shopping and we decided that we would go swimming at the Peppermill's pool while they were shopping.  My parents do some gambling and have some sort of membership type thing there, so they let us use the pool.  It was a lovely day!  Although, Nathan had to go pee so often and every time he had to go pee we all had to get out, dry off, and trek to the bathrooms on floors that were hot & slippery.  It was not fun and even after I told him to just go pee in the pool he still refused!  So if you are ever in a pool with Nathan you will be happy to know that he will not pee in the pool!  Nathan is really enjoying trying to wink whenever I am taking pictures!

We met up with my friend Jessica and her son Jamison again.  This time we went to the Millpond.  I was also prepared because I got all of the items on my list.  We had fun and then afterwards we went to the Graeagle Outpost for some shaved ice and ice cream, yummy!

The boys and I shared a room and bed while it was just us at my parent's house.  Whenever I would go to bed this is how they would be.  Do you see any room for me?  Nope, me neither!  I would have to move them around, but they would still end up practically laying on me when I woke up.  The weather was also super hot up there and the house doesn't have air conditioning, but at least we had a fan to keep us a little cool!

We were on our way down to the Graeagle Store and someone was super grumpy!  This seems to be his new look whenever a camera comes out.  We were going to meet my parents there and then head up to Portola for Taco Tuesday night.  These community type dinner events really bring out the old people!  On this day and the next there were lightning and thunder storms which were really fun to watch.  Luckily, there was also rain which cooled the temperature down a lot.  There was about a 25 degree drop in an hour!

We were finally going to get to see Christopher and our foreign exchange students!  They made the long drive up for the fourth of July weekend.  Nathan wanted me to take some pictures of him with his shirt like this and him trying to wink.  You can't tell from this picture, but he is really tanned!  I will document the last part of our vacation in the next day or so!

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