Saturday, August 3, 2013

Photo A Day - August

I know that I need to finish up my other posts and write about my experiences with the foreign exchange students, but that requires me to go through all of my pictures and I'm feeling too lazy to do that.  I promise that I will get to it!

I've always come across these photo challenges that people do where they are assigned to take a picture of something every day and then post it on flicker, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or their blog.  I like the idea and I even did one of those on my other blog, Gorilla Monkey Tree.  BTW, if you are wondering what the heck is up with that blog, I've basically given up because I feel like I am too busy to do something for 30 days and blog about it!

I found this first photo challenge from Susannah Conway (I found it through a homeschooling blog I'm following).  It sounded like fun, so I decided to give it a try.  I decided that this challenge I will do on my Instagram account, which I hardly use.  If you want to see the pictures from that challenge my profile is heathero621 and if you look up #augustbreak2013 you will see my pictures along with everyone else that is participating.

The next picture challenge I decided to do (yes, I am doing two this month and I think I lost my mind a little bit!) was one that I see so many of my friends participating in and it is the Fat Mum Slim August photo challenge.  FMS always has photo challenges and I think that her blog is known for these.  I decided that I would do this challenge, but only take pictures that pertain to my boys, animals, and family.  I decided that I would post those pictures here for my reading audience to enjoy :).  I was thinking of posting them on my Gorilla Monkey Tree blog, but I decided that that blog was my more impersonal blog and this one would be about my family, so that is why it is here.

Here is the photo list for the FMS challenge:

As you know, it is already August 3rd and I'm late as usual.  Hopefully, this will not be a trend!  The next few posts should get us all caught up!


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