Sunday, February 2, 2014

January 2014 Part 1

I decided that I would try and capture a picture of at least one of us each day of the year.  Here is our January!

January 1st:

Having dinner with the family at my mom's house and talking about what was the best part of each of our days!

Stephanie, Nathan, Aunt Judy, my mom, Patrick, Grandma Hope, Anderson, me, and Christopher taking the picture.
January 2nd:

Saying Goodbye is hard to do.

Aunt Judy, my mom, Anderson, Nathan, Patrick, & Grandma Hope

The long journey home.

January 3rd:

King Nathan and a fun day at a new indoor playground we tried out.

January 4th:

Tying Rambo up and a one year old's birthday party with three pinatas!

January 5th:

Building a pirate ship.

January 6th:

Homemade smoothies.

January 7th:

Back at the indoor playground.

January 8th:

It was warm enough to be in swimsuits and playing with the water.

January 9th:

Volunteered at a food bank.

January 10th:

Playing Pengoloo, a new favorite at our house.

January 11th:

One of my two book club groups.

January 12th:

I accidentally shaved Christopher's hair a bit short in the back, so he had to shave the rest of it.

It was also Gracie's 7th Birthday!

January 13th:

Seeing a space shuttle in person was beyond amazing!

January 14th:

Enjoying In-N-Out with a special treat of a milkshake!

January 15th:

Getting lots of hugs

January 16th:

Making pizza with Anderson

I will post the rest of January tomorrow!

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