Thursday, February 6, 2014

January Part 3

To continue on with the picture a day for January!

January 26th:

Today I spent a lot of time cleaning.  I cleaned the chicken coop (that's where Nathan got the stuff on his head].  I started the cleaning process of Christopher's car, which was super messy which is understandable since we were in the car for so long with two little kids!  Christopher also made shields for the boys to go with their swords.

January 27th:

We said goodbye to my cousin Stephanie.  She came down to LA to watch our animals for us while we were gone, which was so very nice of her!

January 28th:

We got home and our carpet smelled like pee, yuck!  We decided to get the carpets cleaned and have them use their special pee odor elimination stuff.  The boys enjoyed having the carpet cleaners here.  We also were playing with the parachute with them and I was trying to get a picture of the static from Anderson's hair, but I wasn't doing a great job catching it!

January 29th:

We had frozen yogurt because the boys were both behaving well and we had a gift card to go there.  Plus, it has been nice and warm where we live!

January 30th:

The boys and I went out with some friends for dinner.  The kids were acting goofy!

January 31st:

The boys and I went to the library.  The boys LOVE playing on the computer, which is no surprise!  After the computers we spent a lot of time reading many books!  It is also Chinese New Year (the year of the Horse], so I decided that it would be fun to go out for Chinese for dinner.

Happy New Year!  February is up next!


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