Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I have a good excuse why March is not updated, but I really should have updated February on time!  Since it is now April and my memory is not the best, I hope that these pictures will jog something!  I also hope that I took a picture a day (I'm sure I missed a few].

Feb 1

We got invited to a "Tortoise and the Hare" themed birthday party complete with tortoises and hares!  The boys had a great time!

Feb 2

Our friends Indira and Timi came over for a playdate!  We ate some wonderful crepes and all of us made our own pizzas!

Feb 3

We were still getting a ton of tomatoes from a plant we planted last summer.  We also got some eggs from our chickens!  Urban Homesteading!

Feb 4

Darn, I forgot to take a picture!

Feb 5

Christopher was reading to the boys and Gracie!  It was really cute!

Feb 6

I almost forgot to take a picture, but I remembered at dinner time.  This is also a good picture of what our kitchen looked like before we had it remodeled in March.

Feb 7

We had guests coming and I had to wash the sheets.  The boys found this an opportune time to jump on the bed!

Feb 8

I forgot to take a picture this day too :(

Feb 9

We had talked to a realtor about selling our home and she suggested that we get rid of the popcorn ceilings.  We read lots of tutorials and decided that we could probably get rid of the ceilings ourselves.  We decided that we would test it out in our "library," the least used room. Christopher was doing the work!  

Feb 1O

Since we were doing stuff to the house Nathan wanted to help too.  We figured that painting a wall with primer was a good job for him!  He decided after a little bit that it wasn't fun and he wanted to go and play!

Feb 11

The boys somehow always end up naked!

Feb 12

We've been in the beginning stages of potty training Anderson.  He isn't very good at letting us know when he has to go pee when we are out and about.  He went pee at the park and didn't let me know until I saw that this pants looked like this and then he said, "oh, I peed awhile ago."  Of course I did not bring a change of clothes :(

Feb 13

No picture for this date either :(

Feb 14

Happy Valentine's Day!


Aunt Karen & Glenn were staying with us and they brought back a book from the San Diego Zoo that the boys were enjoying!

Feb 15

Anderson with his long and messy hair

Feb 16

Aunt Karen decided to give Anderson a hair cut

We decided that we didn't like the bangs, so we just shaved his head

Feb 17

We went to our favorite dessert place, Get Shaved, for some shaved ice with ice-cream!  Yummy!  Luckily, we live in So. California where it is good enough weather in the winter to get a cold dessert and eat it outside!

I think that I have reached my limit for this blog because Nathan is insistent with playing with my computer and it's too hard to blog...Later tonight I will try and finish February!


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