Tuesday, April 15, 2014

February Part 2

Feb 18

We went to the zoo and of course we had to see our favorite elephant Billy.  Almost every night Christopher and I tell stories to the boys and there is usually one story about Billy the Elephant and Reggie the Alligator who are best friends in the zoo.  Whenever we go to the zoo we have to stop and see Reggie and Billy!

Feb 19

Just making silly faces at dinner

Feb 2O

We have been going to the Kids Club at the local mall.  The boys enjoy their time there.  Nathan has been obsessed with trying to win the raffle :]

Feb 21

We went to a local-ish park that has been newly remodeled.  The boys had a lot of fun, but outside of the park was this guy that was doing crazy upper body strength stuff (he's in the background].

Feb 22

Nathan showing off a cashew.  

Feb 23

Anderson drawing.  He loves to draw and so does Nathan.

Feb 24

Climbing the fig tree in our backyard

Feb 25

We got to go see a friend's puppy that was absolutely adorable!

Feb 26

Christopher's 41st Birthday!!!!!  We spent the evening with his sister Sandra and her boyfriend Shawn.  I also made a homemade light cheesecake that was pretty delicious!  Christopher made Chili for his own birthday :].  The boys wanted to make sure that they helped Christopher blow out his candles!

Feb 27

We joined a new homeschool group (one that I wish I had joined much earlier].  Since rain was forecasted the leader of the group decided that we would have a fun day of learning at a bowling alley.  She put together this whole lesson of the physics of bowling that was great for kids!  After the lesson the kids got to bowl.  We really love this group, but unfortunately we made the decision to move so we won't be able to continue with them :(

Feb 28

I didn't take a picture :(

And that is the end of February!

March will be up later this week!


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