Saturday, May 10, 2014


Now onto March...

Mar 1

The Coopilardos had us over for a birthday dinner for Christopher!  Thank you Rhonda and Cooper!

Mar 2

Making some homemade pizza

Mar 3

The only picture taken this day was of another's pretty awesome!

Mar 4

Having a fun day at the library!

Mar 5

He must have been super tired because he fell asleep mid-drawing

Mar 6

Nathan showing off a dollar that he made.  I can't remember how he made it...

Mar 7

This picture is actually from the 6th, but the other picture that I have from the 7th is just some of our shelves before I stained them and I forgot to take an after picture!  Nathan was playing in this water and I wasn't exactly sure if it was safe to play in!

Mar 8

It was a big day that we had been waiting for for a long time!  Nathan submitted a story to The Story Pirates and they accepted his story to act out.  We went down to Culver City for the play and had a great time.  It was so much fun to see Nathan's story acted out.  Nathan even got on stage and wasn't being shy at all!

Mar 9

We went to the zoo to surprise the boys with a chance to see the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  It almost seemed like they were more excited to see Peter Rabbit.

Mar 1O

Today was a big exciting day!  We started the demolition of our kitchen.

and then...There will be a new post!

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