Sunday, May 11, 2014

March 10th

March 10th, another day to go in the record books :(.

Christopher and his friend George were in the process of demolishing our kitchen and the boys were doing a great job at staying out of the kitchen where there were nails, wood, tile, and other dangerous things.  The boys had previously been climbing on our egg chair and jumping off onto our huge poof chair or couch cushions, but they hadn't done that in awhile.  I had left to go to the bathroom for a second and all of a sudden we heard Anderson screaming!  Christopher and I ran to him in the disco room and he had a huge gash right by his eye that was bleeding.  Christopher picked him up and told me to call 911.  Well, here we go again with calling 9-1-1.  Do you know how hard it is when you have adrenaline going through your body?  It's pretty tough.  I eventually got on the line and called them and they were sending someone on the way.

Christopher was holding Anderson and Anderson turned and looked at me and I could see the bone to his forehead, ugh!  The cut was probably an inch long and down to the bone.  Christopher got a towel and pressed that on the wound.  The bleeding seemed to have subsided a lot, but we still wanted EMTs to check it out.  The firemen got there first and they looked at his wound and bandaged his whole head up.  At this point we were not sure what happened.  Anderson said that he jumped on the bean bag, but a bean bag could not have done this.  We thought that maybe he hit the couch or a toy?  A fireman had me go inside to show him where the accident happened and there was nothing that he could have hurt himself on, so it was a mystery.

Once the ambulance came they put me on a stretcher and Anderson on top of me and off we went to the hospital.  As this process was happening Nathan was super upset because he wanted to ride in the Ambulance :(.  Again, the EMTs were asking Anderson what happened and he kept saying, "I jumped on the bean bag."  He was also crying the whole ride and was saying "It hurts!  It hurts!" as we went over the bumps or had to make turns.  We arrived at the hospital and thank god we had come in via an ambulance because they saw us sooner than if we would have come in ourselves.  They determined that his injury was not life threatening so we had to wait.  We waited in a hallway and as we were waiting I came to the conclusion that many people use the ER has an urgent care facility.  It was amazing to me how many people seemed to be there for non-emergency related issues, which only made the wait to see a doctor that much longer.

The doctor finally came to see us and saw Anderson's wound and we talked about how it would probably be best to call in a plastic surgeon to stitch up the wound.  At this time Nathan was getting restless, so I left with him to go get some Legos at Target as a "I'm sorry you got hurt and have to go through this gift" and then to get dinner.  We did all of our errands and got back to the hospital.  When we got back to the hospital Anderson was in an area of the ER with a curtain around the area.  We went over there and Anderson was all strapped up and they were beginning to work on him :(.  Christopher mouthed for us to leave, so we just went down the hallway a bit.  Nathan started working on his Lego toy and I got to listen to Anderson scream.  It was not fun and I imagine less fun for him.

Christopher said that they had to mummy wrap him up so that he wouldn't move and then Christopher had to hold his head while the doctor did the stitching.  Since the cut was down to the bone, the doctor had to first stitch up the muscle and then he stitched up the skin.  At one point Anderson was screaming that he had to go pee and he wanted them to stop.  I could hear Christopher telling him to just go pee, but he kept saying that he wanted to use the toilet!  It was heartbreaking for me!  Christopher said that watching the doctor do the stitching and seeing all of the pain Anderson was in was really tough for him and I am not sure I could have done it.

It was finally all done and Anderson was in pretty good spirits.  He was really happy he got a Lego toy.  It was amazing to me how alert and happy he seemed to be because I knew that if I had just had surgery and I had no pain killers I would be a mess!  Kids sure are resilient!  Anyway, six hours after first arriving at the ER we were finally discharged!

Now for the pictures!  And let's hope that there are no more trips to the ER!

Waiting in the ER Hallway

Right after surgery was done

A happy boy because he got a Lego toy
p.s.  Our theory for how Anderson got hurt is this:  He climbed on the egg chair to jump off, but he must have slipped and fell face first on the disco floor (hard plastic] and it just busted his face open.  I think he missed the beanbag by a couple of inches, but he must have thought that he landed on the bean bag and that was why he was saying he jumped on it.

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