Wednesday, May 28, 2014

And here is the start of April

April 1:

It was Nathan's last day of soccer class with Rocco.  Rocco was an amazing soccer teacher and we are going to miss him!

April 2:

We were taking a break from doing house stuff and taking one last family trip before we left LA.  I had told Nathan that for his sixth birthday we would take him to Legoland.  I honestly didn't know that we would be out of the area for his birthday, so we decided to make a quick trip before we left.

The boys on the Amtrak train down to Oceanside

We stayed at the Legoland Hotel, which was a lot of fun.  The boys LOVED their part of the room.

April 3:

We spent the day at Legoland!  The boys had a lot of fun and so did we.  The trip was a nice break that we needed!

April 4:

Oops, forgot this day!  I'm sure we were beyond busy finishing up our house stuff.

April 5:

We were leaving the disco house for good :(.  This is Christopher and I in front of our house for the last time :(...well Christopher went back to pack up the rest of our stuff, but the boys and I did not.

April 6:

Lucy was getting some zzzz's in Harley's bed, which was a little too small for her.

April 7:

We went exploring around Graeagle.

First up was the empty and muddy Millpond!

Here are some pine trees starting to grow in the grass

We capped off the day with some expensive ice-cream!

April 8:

Happy 8th anniversary to us!  Christopher left town so I got to celebrate with the boys!

Nathan made this "fishing pole"

He attempted to go fishing with it.

Christopher's office is right by Google

April 9:

Going for walks one must always be prepared by having sticks, rakes, swords, and shields!

April 10:

The dogs were enjoying some sun.

April 11:

Waiting for the firetrucks to drive past the house

April 12:

Celebrating our anniversary!

April 13:

The boys went 4-Wheelin to the creek and were playing around.

They then found a board and made their own see-saw

I have to stop there because I have not uploaded any more of my pictures!  I should get to that!


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