Sunday, November 9, 2008

Still not able to upload pictures

I was waiting to do a new post in here once we were able to upload new pictures because I assume that most people want to see the pictures more than read the blog. We are still having issues with our "Drobo" (an external hard drive) so we cannot upload any pictures. Christopher is working with the company on trying to get it fixed and if it looks like it is going to take a lot more time he is going to work on an alternative way to get the pictures uploaded so that everyone can see them.

For Halloween Nathan was Tigger. He was swimming in the costume, but he looked really cute. We only went to our friend Rhonda's house to Trick-or-Treat. It was a pain in the butt to get the costume on and off so we only wanted to go to one place. He didn't cry when he had the costume on which was a first for him (the night before he cried a lot when we put it on him).

Nathan's new thing that he is doing is sticking out his tongue. It is really cute. I guess that everything, except for the crying, is cute to me :) He doesn't really care to be on his stomach, but we are putting him on it so that he can get some practice at making the movements that are a precursor to crawling. He will lift his butt up off the ground and lift his chest up and then he will push back with his hands which makes him scoot backwards. It is funny to watch, but he gets frustrated. Nathan is also great at moving around in his crib. We will put him facing in a certain direction and then when we aren't looking he manuvears around and ends up in a completely different position from what we had placed him in.

We think that Nathan is teething, but there doesn't look like there is any sign of a tooth coming. I think that we have been saying that he is teething for a couple months now :)

Everyone else in the household is doing well and we are looking forward to all of the holidays coming up!


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